Cheshire Smallholders Association

Course listing

Alpaca keeping
A course to address the practical aspects of buying, rearing, clipping and breeding

Bed & Breakfast
A guide to opening your home to paying guests covering the practicalities and legalities plus promotion of your business

Hurdle making
Beautiful and functional, traditional hazel hurdle making from scratch for smallholding or garden

Lamb butchery
Turn your carcase into professionally presented joints with this hands-on introduction. The basic course on butchery.

Pig Butchery

A more advanced butchery course giving the basics of cutting up a pig carcass.

Showing sheep
A practical introduction in the art of preparing stock for the show ring

Soap making
Turn oils and fats into deliciously fragranced designer soaps using traditional techniques

Traditional pig keeping
All you need to know about buying, keeping and breeding pigs including rearing your first weaners